Replacing All Windows In Your House

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Replacing All Windows In Your House

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When some of the windows in your house start to have condensation build up between the glass layers or is cracked, it is time for a new window replacement. Do you need a new window if you feel a draft when you stand near a closed window in the winter time and you feel a draft? The answer is absolutely. The longer you wait on a new window replacement in The Woodlands will result in money wasted on higher heating or cooling cost. Your windows have lost their energy efficiency and are therefore non-functional. Don’t you deserve better?

The best way to ensure you get the most out of your money and save on air conditioning and heating costs is to replace all the windows in your house. Replacing windows of one room only does not help the homeowner save energy costs if the other rooms in the house are allowing the hot or cold in. Your energy bill will tell all and more than you want to know.

Replacing All Windows In House​

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The replacement of the entire house window is one of the best enhancement renovations the homeowner can produce. Now to the real question: Is this a good investment? Yes if your windows do not provide sound reduction, feel drafts from closed windows, water damaged or soft window frames, difficulty opening or closing windows, or condensation build up between glass layers of your window. These are all signs of poorly performing windows that no longer function as they once did costing you money on heating and cooling. Some areas that may affect your decision to replace windows:

These factors also influence the cost of replacement as well as the expected energy savings. Windows that are under-performing (letting in drafts or allowing condensation to form on glass) benefit from replacing all windows in the house.  Attempting to repair windows that need replacement can be time consuming and place a band aide on the problem instead of fixing the problem.  Sealing around the window, for example, reduces draft issues but only temporarily.

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How much can you save on Window Replacements? In many situations, even considering these variables, the replacement of an entire house window can lead to greater energy efficiency. This is especially true if you replace standard single-pane windows with Energy Star certified dual-pane models. According to the Energy Department, the average amount that homeowners can save with new windows varies by region. In warmer parts of the country, annual energy savings can be well over $500.

Homeowners in warmer climates like Houston, TX can reap benefits even if your home requires frequent air conditioning.

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Does a window replacement pay for itself in time? Research completed by the Department of Energy shows there are awesome energy savings for a house with window replacements. The energy savings would cover the cost of about one window per year for vinyl and one window every two years for wooden windows. With these estimates, the project will eventually pay for itself, although it may take 10 to 12 years (or longer for a home with more windows). In addition to that, when you choose Woodlands Windows for your whole house window replacement, you will get a 20 year warranty on your windows. Your windows will still be covered by a warranty 8-10 years after it paid for itself in electricity savings.

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Serving The Woodlands and North Houston area

Does this add value to my home?
Homeowners who replace their windows, according to Remodeling Magazine, will recover about 81% of the total cost of the project when they sell the home. That percentage is amazing!! That’s well over 3/4 of the cost to replace your windows. The savings is based on standard, energy-efficient windows. To homeowners who mix capital gains and energy savings, a whole-house window replacement can be a lucrative upgrade in the long run.

If you are ready for your windows to pay for themselves in time with all the money you will save on energy savings, you will want to call Woodlands Windows today. Woodlands Windows has over three decades of reputable services installing windows with 5 star customer reviews on Google. We provide flexible scheduling, superior quality windows, competitive pricing, and incredible workmanship. Let’s save you money on air conditioning and heating today by making an appointment for a free consultation.

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Replacing All Windows In Your House

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