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Window Replacement

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It’s a big decision and an investment to renovate your home with replacement windows. You want to pick quality windows that are going to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Your new windows should also improve energy efficiency while increasing safety and security. Choosing the type of material and the brand of windows is not the end of your choices though… Your window replacement contractor is of equal importance. Remember that a window is only as good as its installation. The absolute highest quality window performs sub-par with a poor installation.

Window Replacement

How much do replacement windows cost?

This seems like a really simple question to answer right? It’s not. Every home is unique and every window opening is different. Window replacement is not the same as a new construction installation. Every window gets measured and custom sizes ordered. There are several things to consider when installing each new window.

  • Is the exterior siding, brick, or stucco?
  • Do we need exterior trim?
  • Is there interior trim?

We would question any company that will blindly quote you something like “200.00 per window” without even seeing your home.

We don’t charge for estimates. Call us today and schedule your consultation.

The Woodlands Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows The Woodlands TX

It’s important that your replacement window contractor is local and experienced. We usually get the question: How much experience do you have replacing windows? The answer is almost 40 years! That’s not the combined experience of everyone in our company – That is our owner’s time doing this. In general, you may expect to pay a little extra for years of experience and quality references.

We will admit to not being the “cheapest” window company around (and we NEVER will be). On the other hand, if we had a value calculator to add up only using the best windows, having the market’s best installers, and 4 decades worth of experience, we would probably need to raise our prices.

The Woodlands Window Replacement

There are a lot of reasons people need to think about changing windows in their house. If your has the original builders windows and is over 10 years old, you need to think about replacement windows. Home builders used aluminum windows up until just a few years ago. Some windows had single glazed glass, and there is no insulation from Texas sun. The Woodlands Windows only uses 2 brands of windows and they are the best replacement windows on the market today. Homeowners that want vinyl will get Simonton Windows. We offer Andersen Windows to homeowners wanting composite replacement windows. When it comes to choices for replacement windows, there are hundreds of windows to choose from. It’s common for window replacement companies to have their own lines of windows too. (These are private labeled windows made by one of the major manufacturers). 

After 38 years of specialization in the outdoor remodeling of Houston homes, we only use Simonton or Andersen. Simonton’s custom vinyl windows are made to withstand Texas sun, rain, and other extreme conditions. They’re securing the house and the valuable items inside. More importantly, they’re protecting you as well as your family. Simonton has always been a leading manufacturer of windows. It’s been that way for over 70 years now. They’ve won awards for everything a window can get and deserve We understand that there are many windows to research and so many options out there. Just remember that 4 decades of experience leads us to the only windows that we will use today… Simonton and Andersen.

Window Replacement The Woodlands TX

Replacement Windows can deliver more than four times the heat-reflective capability of a standard single-pane builder grade window. Energy Star Rating has always been significant, but it can be deceptive when it comes to replacing windows. Replacement windows have larger frames and are produced without nailing fins. Replacement windows come in different shapes, colors as well as custom sizes to complement the look and feel of your home. You may choose to have clear glass or simulated divided lites for the classic look. When it comes to installing windows in your house, make sure to use a replacement window contractor that’s professional like The Woodlands Windows. Much more is involved in the installation of a retrofit window vs framers nailing the builder windows. There are no replacements for knowledge and experience when installing replacement windows. When done right they will last a lifetime.

Replacement windows are crucial for building an energy-efficient home. Not only do our windows look gorgeous, they will also save you money. Most homeowners are surprised that replacement windows will actually pay for themselves over time. Replacement vinyl windows and composite windows raise the value of your home and maximize curb appeal. They’re also going to completely transform the performance of your home and its energy efficiency. We offer professional window replacement services and are the top window replacement contractor in The Woodlands.

Window Replacement

Replacement windows add to both the appearance of your house and its performance. Windows plays a major role in cooling and good lighting. Most of the builders recognize that windows can make your home cozy and welcoming. If you want a Woodlands TX replacement window, it should be an energy-efficient way to appreciate the view of your home.

When you need replacement windows for your home in The Woodlands, Texas, turn to the local window contractor you can rely on. The Woodlands Window Replacement offers superior workmanship on lifetime windows. Our new windows are available in different colors, finishes and designs. Plus, we’re a local window company with over 38 years in the business here in North Houston.

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Window Replacement

Vinyl and Composite Replacement Windows
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