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Windows play many roles in your home.  They are more than decorations or views of your backyard… Windows provide a significant contribution to the overall aesthetic look of your house and its functionality.  Your windows provide ventilation and allow natural light to enter your home. The right windows in the right places will make the interior atmosphere warm, light, and vibrant. Great windows also allow you to enjoy the view outside. Our replacement windows, for instance, provide an energy-efficient way to appreciate the view.

As a homeowner, you don’t need to worry about how to measure for replacement windows.  Leave that to us. Our 4 decades of experience will make replacing your windows the smoothest home improvement project you have ever done. When you have 40 years in the business, you have a thorough understanding of windows and window installation.

It is important to understand that even the best windows are only as good as their installation. That is why Woodlands Windows only deals with 2 of the best window manufacturers and we have the city’s best installation crews.

Replacement windows are not as simple as new construction windows. There is an art to measuring and installing a custom replacement window into your home. We get it that every home and every single window opening is unique.

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Window Replacement

The importance of durable and energy efficient windows in our climate is undeniable. If you’re having doubts about the quality of the windows in your home here in The Woodlands, then call us. If your home has builder’s grade aluminum windows you should definitely call us today.

When looking for the best window replacement company, do your due diligence. After all your home is most likely your largest investment. You want the best replacement windows installed by master craftsmen. At Woodlands Windows, we’ll help you in the window selection process. We will guide you through the best options for your new windows. Low E, insulated glass, Argon gas, 1″ spacers… It’s our responsibility to explain all your options and guide you towards the best windows for your home. Trust our professionals with your window replacement project.

Replacement Windows

The Woodlands Vinyl Windows

Thinking about home improvement ideas? How about replacement windows? Having high-quality windows in your home can make a big difference and often times overlooked by homeowners. Replacement windows add so much value, performance, and curb appeal. It doesn’t make sense not to consider a top of the line window replacement. It’s common for our customers to ask us how replacement windows can transform their home.

Replacement windows transform the look, feel, efficiency, and even outside noise levels in your home. Our windows are engineered to do the following:

Window Replacement Near Me

The Woodlands Windows

Your windows are a key component in your home. They also play a major role in insulating your home. Most of the time, the older your home, the more like your windows need to be replacing. Older windows made with single-pane glass are not that efficient. Even the first double-pane glass was not that great and contributes to heat loss and air leaks. Believe it or not, there are some older homes with lead-based glass in their windows. The search for window replacement near me is over… Call Woodlands Windows Today. We will provide you with the best replacement windows.

We only work with the Best Replacement Windows

Simonton Windows
Andersen Windows

Simonton Windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows

The main reason why Simonton Windows is preferred is its superior quality, that also leads to great customer experience. Simonton windows are top-rated for vinyl windows. It’s tough to compete with a product f this caliber. Our quality replacement windows are designed to last. We only sell vinyl windows and doors made by Simonton. Many across the nation consider Simonton to be the quality benchmark for vinyl windows. Simonton replacement windows deliver unparalleled consistency, design, comfort, and efficiency which you can’t find in any other window.

For over 70 years Simonton has been committed to creating and building the highest quality windows. If you need a vinyl window that lasts decades, Simonton is it. This window has low-maintenance and outperforms all others. You’ll be glad you chose Simonton Windows. ⠀

Simonton Platinum Line Windows

The #1 Vinyl Window

During hot summers in North Houston and The Woodlands, Simonton Platinum Line Windows will perform well. Simonton’s vinyl windows will reduce air-conditioning and heating costs. These come with an industry-leading warranty providing worry-free windows for over 20 years. It’s incredible! You can likely recover with your home’s resale value what you invested in your Simonton Windows. According to Remodeling Magazine, if you include the money you save on less heating and cooling, you will save up to 73% of what you spend on your windows

Simonton vinyl window replacements also reduce noise. That’s so important if you’re a light sleeper, like working from home or just enjoy the peace and quiet at night. Simonton Window Replacements have so many advantages including trouble-free maintenance, UV protection, double strength glass, temperature control, reliability, and so much more.

Our customers are elated with their vinyl replacement windows You can expect great satisfaction with your new Simonton Windows from The Woodlands Windows too! Our professional installers and Simonton Premium Vinyl Replacement Windows are a winning combination for next home renovation. Transform your home with Simonton Vinyl Replacement Windows.

Andersen Windows

Composite Replacement Windows

If vinyl windows aren’t what you’re looking for that’s OK. We offer Andersen. Another award-winning window that’s an upgrade over even premium vinyl. Andersen Windows were made using Fibrex, a composite fiber. The composite provides the strength of aluminum, but the longevity and low maintenance of vinyl.

With many different grill choices to choose from, Anderson 100 Series single-hung windows deliver significant longevity and energy efficiency. Andersen Windows has Low-E in its glass like the Simonton Windows to reflect the outside heat during the summer and retain the inside heat during the winter. Fibrex content is literally twice as strong as vinyl which makes it one of today’s best window replacement choices.

By weight, Fibrex is composed of 40-percent recycled Ponderosa pine wood fibers and 60-percent polyvinyl chloride. The time will last decades for you to come. It is filled with benefits such as quality mat coating, scratch resistance, insulating properties, impressive performance, and a twenty-year transferable warranty. That is making Andersen Windows one of America’s top windows to use. Let’s make your house cozier this season, and save money on our air conditioning!

Vinyl Replacement Window Reviews

Serving The Woodlands and North Houston area

Simonton Windows really cares about its customers. Over 70 years of leading the window industry in innovation have led to this kind, honest reviews, and feedback. Learn how Simonton Windows has made a difference with these vinyl replacement window reviews in the homes and lives of our customers.

Best Vinyl Windows

Award-winning windows for a reason… Simonton Windows has been recognized over and over in the last 10 years for its quality products and customer satisfaction. Top consumer magazines rate Simonton double-hung windows as one of the best replacement windows on the market. According to Remodeling Magazine, professionals across the nation voted Simonton #1 in Quality & Performance for vinyl windows.  All of their recognition leads to the only obvious conclusion… Simonton manufactures the best vinyl windows!

Quality Vinyl Replacement Windows Built to Last!

There are a lot of choices when it comes to replacement vinyl windows, but only one can be the Best. That is why for almost 40 years, we only use Simonton Vinyl Windows. 

Home Window Replacement

Making the decision to move forward on any home renovation is a big deal. It’s especially important when renovating something like your windows. Do your research when looking at any home window replacement and look for quality. When the time is right you’ll want to get your windows replaced. With today’s technology in building products, there is no reason for your home to be protected by single glazed leaded glass windows.

Window Replacement Companies

We have said it a couple of times here so far, even the best windows are only as good as their installation. When you’re looking through all the window replacement companies, be thorough. Ask questions. You don’t want just anyone ripping a window out of your home and squeezing a new one in there.

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Vinyl and Composite Replacement Windows
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