Vinyl Replacement Windows Reviews

Vinyl and Composite Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacement Window Reviews

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It’s important when looking at any renovation in your home that you use only the highest quality products. Simonton has been an industry leader in the window business for over 70 years.

Simonton Platinum Windows Reviews The Prism Platinum Simonton window is the top-of-the-line Prism Series window as well as being practically indistinguishable from the Reflections 5500 window. Typically, the Prism Series is sold on the East Coast and the Reflections on the West, but this is not always the case. The Prism Platinum has a nice look and straight sightlines, which give it a very sleek and streamlined look.

The window comes standard with the following: interlocking meeting rail, 7/8″ insulating glass unit, stepped sill, tilt-in sash, and integrated lift sash rail. In addition, it uses argon fills, ProSolar Low-e glass, an intercept spacer, and a fiberglass mesh screen. Exterior frame options include cream, chocolate, driftwood, pine, bronze, brick, and tan. In terms of hardware, there are three options: oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and polished brass. The Prism Platinum series, just like the Reflections 5500 series, is a solid vinyl window that is one of the best from this very well known manufacturer.

Vinyl Replacement Window Reviews
Vinyl Replacement Window Reviews​

Simonton Reflections 5500 Series Colors

Standard Colors Like many other premium window makers, the Simonton Reflections 5500 Series window is available in standard white and tan colors. Unlike many, however, these windows are also available in the third standard “driftwood” color. This color could be called clay by other window manufactures since they are so close in color. Exterior colors may be a little more adventurous, although we don’t suggest doing the custom exterior colors. At Woodlands Windows we tell all of our customers when it comes to vinyl, you do not want dark colors. You should not paint your vinyl windows either. Simonton offers a laminate for their windows exteriors and don’t seem to be afraid of dark colors. If you decide to risk dark colors such as chocolate and bronze, Simonton offers one of the most respected guarantees on the market.




The Woodlands Vinyl Replacement Window Reviews

The Woodlands Vinyl Windows

Simonton Windows has some of the best Insulated Glass and insulated glass Unit Spacer Systems. Three unique spacer systems are utilized in the Platinum Line glass packages. The Intercept® spacer system offers a U-channel design that keeps glass warmer and flexes and contracts for reduced seal failure. The Supercept™ spacer utilizes the U-channel design but is made of a stainless steel alloy that offers increased durability and thermal efficiency. The non-metallic foam Super Spacer® is non-conductive and increases energy efficiency by providing an airtight seal.
ProSolar Shade – Low E 366 with 1″ Insulated Glass Unit Upgrade

Combining ProSolar Shade Low E-366 glass with a 1″ dual-pane insulating glass unit, an Argon gas fill and the Supercept™ or Super Spacer® spacer system, this upgrade provides enhanced energy- efficiency and solar control.

Vinyl Replacement Window Reviews The Woodlands TX

The Woodlands Windows

When you are reviewing different vinyl windows look at every aspect. We use Simonton because of its quality construction. They have a fusion-welded frame and sash. This helps prevent air and water infiltration and creates a strong one-piece design.

Simonton Platinum Windows have a great thermal shield. Their Standard ProSolar Shade® Low E 366 glass greatly reduces ultraviolet infiltration while increasing thermal efficiency.

People across the country have found the temperature control something to talk about. Simonton uses Argon Gas, which is denser than air. It fills the insulating glass unit for additional insulation against temperature changes.

Provide partial ventilation without fully opening the sash with the fresh air dual vents.

The streamlined flush-mount tilt latches easily release the sash. This allows it to tilt in for trouble-free cleaning and providing ease of use.

Streamlined Protection Dual, low-profile, color-matched cam locks* secure the window tightly for peace of mind and increased weather resistance.

Vinyl Replacement Window Reviews The Woodlands TX
Vinyl Replacement Window Reviews​

Vinyl Replacement Window

The overlapping and interlocking meeting rail creates an extra tight seal, increasing protection against air and water infiltration.This is creates a very dependable weather barrier.

Double hung windows are easily tilted in and lifted out for cleaning. Get both sides of the window from the comfort of inside your home.

The stainless steel constant force ¾” coil spring balance system effortlessly raises and lowers your window. It provides smooth operation and never needs adjusting.

Double-strength Extra-thick glass increases strength and resistance to breakage and includes a standard 25-year Glass Breakage Warranty.

The contoured extruded lift rails are molded into the sash. These will not loosen or break off over time because of their functional design.

Triple-stepped, sloped sill design moves water away from your window and home.

The Woodlands Windows 

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Vinyl Replacement Windows Reviews

Vinyl and Composite Replacement Windows
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